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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trust HIM Who Created Us

What ANOTHER week!

Despite the oppostion this was one for the books!

I want to start by sharing a humbling experience I had. So I have a pretty firm testimony on fasting but the last couple months have made it hard to have faith in it because it seemed that everytime I fasted things went wrong. Well this time wasn't different to the last times.

We have been greatly blessed to witness many accept the path to baptism and enduring to live with Heavenly Father again. So I decided to fast for those who specifically had dates for baptism. That morning was great and met great people and had great lessons. Well we had plans to visit 5 people whom had dates after lunch so I was really excited. Well Bileisy wasn't home and had told us over the phone that she wasn't sure if she was going to be baptized the following Saturday. STRIKE ONE.

We shake it off and go to our next appointment. Anthony, Robert and Anudi weren't home and said they wouldn't have time this week. STRIKE TWO

Well the day went on and it really hurt as I felt like I couldn't go anymore. Those appointments were really important. I told Hermana Nodal, "I'm not sure I can make it to the next appointment, everytime I fast for something, the complete opposite happens." We had one more appointment that night. Hermana Nodal said, "I'm scared, but we have to try."

I prayed the whole way there. Justin WAS HOME! I thanked Heavenly Father. We went inside and were about to start, when he reachs to tell his grandma a secret in her ear. She then looks at us and tells him to tell us. He then tells us "I don't want to be baptized anymore." STRIKE THREE.

I was pretty upset with Heavenly Father because I felt like He let me down, but as I got on my knees when we got home. He reminded me that I need to be grateful in every and all circumstances and BE PATIENT.

Heavenly Father answers in many ways but as I continued with faith my fast until the end, I SAW MIRACLES and MIRACLES I failed to remember. One of the members introduced us to a family of 6 that want to be baptized, Bileisy decided yesterday she was going to get baptized this Saturday, Eury, whom we met 3 weeks ago, is in Mormon 3 and is getting baptized in 2 weeks! and we have met many more the rest of the week!

MORAL OF THE STORY: We must endure to the end and just know that it's easier said then done, but we must TRUST FULLHEARTEDLY. Heavenly Father knows best and His timing is WAY better than ours!

I hope you all have an amazing week!


Hermana Fernandez

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