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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oh Snap! HERE WE GO...


Oh hermanos, adiós, pues, adiós! El momento de ir vino ya. (Spanish Hymn, not sure it's in Spanish)

We had transfers and I'M LEAVING...NOOOO!!! but everything is ok...I really was dreading this transfer call and it hit me like no other. This has got to be the hardest change I''ve had and will probably ever have in the mission!

I'm off to Quisqueya with Hermana Martinez, she's from Honduras! That'll be AWESOME!

I have just been so happy here and have seen so many MIRACLES with Hermana Nodal, but God saw that it was time to move on sadly. We have had so amazing investigators, baptisms, closeness with the members, Bani growing and getting exposure out like crazy! It's been an amazing 4 months!

Ok that cool thing is that I actually served in Quisqueya for 4 days before getting my trainer and 1st area because I had been an odd missionary who came into the misson mid-transfer, so anyway when I was there I had felt like I really need to come back and I've remembered people's face and the streets after all this time, so I know that this change is perfect and heaven sent.

This week we prepared Bileisy and Eury for their upcoming baptisms!...and found more amazing people!

Bileisy GOT BAPTIZED this past Saturday. She's amazing and her baptism was so special. She truly was ready to recieve that this time in her life. The Lord truly prepares us all for our conversion and eternal path to happiness as we strive to continually walk the path he's paved for us. She was glowing and I felt the power of the testimony she shared at her baptism. Share your testimony because that will truly speak to the hearts of those around.

Eury wore a white shirt to Bileisy's baptism and to church too with a tie! He is so ready for next week. I GET TO COME BACK FOR IT! This is what happens when someone reads the Book of Mormon in a month. I know this gospel is truer than true because it comes from the Most High and I have no doubt about it.

I hope we all continue to strive to grow our faith and testimony on our brother Jesus Christ and His Only True Church. Look for all the miracles around you and don't forget that there is a God who is our father and He created everything around us. We are His children.(Alma 30:44)

i love you all and have a FANTASTIC WEEK!


Hermana Fernandez

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