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Monday, September 1, 2014

Laugh and Be the LORD'S Hands!

Ok where do I start...

Lunes. We went to OCOA! We went to climb a mountain, see a waterfall (even though it was a little dried up) and to go in a bat cave...I know. A BAT read right! It was scary and smelled not so good. Our investigator Jeuri came along which was really cool since he got to hang out with 16 missionaries and had lots of his questions answered! I did learn something though that really impacted my week. FEAR and FAITH CANNOT COEXIST! I was so scared coming down the mountain and I realized my faith had no room since I had given in to my fear. I then remembered having faith in Christ and thought, "well how does knowing that Chirst lives, knowing all that He represents and did for me, help me not be scared out of my mind right now. (fun fact about me: I'm terrified of heights) I can't be afraid of what could happen when I also know that through Christ and Heavenly Father's plan we reach inner peace and greater purpose. I sure did learn that day and learned how to apply more profoundly what I testify of each day!

Martes. We are working with a less active family and we got to get to know the dad, who came across as a very cold man. I realized I shouldn't judge before i fully understand. He ended up being the funniest person I've probably met on my mission. He made us cry, we were laughing so hard. It was really perfect as we broke the ice and planned an Family Home Evening! The Lord opens and touches hearts in misterious ways. I learned that through even laughing and a good sense of humor, Heavenly Father reaches down to the very soul! SO find a reason to LAUGH today!

Miercoles. Hermana Conference. MORMON 5:23 was the theme. Being the Lord's Hand and being instruments in his hands. It really was inspirational, eveyday we are too ask Heavenly Father to allow us to help Him in His objective. " bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Moses 1:39 a

Jueves. Jeuri's lesson. What an EXITO! He invited two even though we is from a different religion, he's interested enough in the Restoration of the Lord's gospel that he invited two of his friends to join us! SO GREAT...They started by saying, "We'll scare you because we have lots of questions." and Hermana Nodal and I looked at each other and we both said, "That's perfect. We love questions!" They both commited to going to church and Jeuri was so excited and interested as we felt that what we were sharing was true! THIS IS THE LORD'S CHURCH! I KNOW IT!

Sabado. TRANSFER CALL!!!! It's ok though because I STAY IN BANI yay!!! with Hermana Nodal! She broke my trend...I usually only last about 1 transfer with my companions even those I train and Hermana Nodal will be with me for 14 weeks now! We are so excited...GREAT things are coming to pass!

Mom and Dad and everyone, I love you and I know that this gospel is true more than I can explain but I hope that you can feel it through this email because I feel like Nephi did. Read 1 Nephi 8:10-12!


Hermana Fernandez

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