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Monday, June 23, 2014


I know that Heavenly Father is ALL POWERFUL and that He LOVES us. I know that as we exercise faith, we NEVER forsakes us.

This week, I experienced what will change the rest of my life and strengthen my testimony forever.

We had an amazing day on Tuesday. We pushed ourselves to limits we hadn't before...and because of that, we found 4, yes 4, NEW FAMILIES! It was answers to prayers. Then, we hit our last hour and we decided to hit the park to contact. This decision marked the rest of this week.

There's a lovely virus around town that we like to call CHINKUNGKUYA. Yea just like that. Well this is transmitted through a mosquito bite. We've had a couple missionaries suffer from this. It causes fever, bone and joint aches and a lovely itchy rash that covers your entire body. It's not so fun but from a third party observer, it seemed bareable.

Before, you continue to read. PLEASE know that I am 90% fine!! I really am a good as NEW!

Well these mosquitos decided to have a party at the park on Tuesday around seven o'clock and we hungry and found me very appetizing. Well at the time I didn't think much. Eight o'clock hit and we were heading home when my feet and back starting hurting and I simply said because we had a great, active day.

Two o'clock the next morning, I couldn't sleep from the body ache. Ten o'clock Wednesday morning, the fever started. Ok I admitted it. I had been hit with the Chinkungkuya. Took Ibuprofen and lots of liquids...LOTS! I got worse and worse and worse. So I asked for a blessing and then I took a nap. I got up from a nap around six o'clock to go to the bathroom and I called Hermana Saenz for help.

That's the last thing I remember...until I remember her calling me, asking if I was there and I barely being able to pick up sound and vision.

I had left her. She later tells that I fainted in the bathroom and started to seize and didn't respond.

When I came back, I came back to Hermana Saenz and our neighbor pouring water all over me. They rushed me over to the Emergency Room and I was back home, after they managed to control my fever, which hit 104. Although when I returned, I didn't feel any better.

Thursday. I continued with the constant fever. I showered about 5 times that morning and afternoon. Then napped at six o'clock. The phone was ringing all day, people trying to figure out how I was doing and why it had affected me so terribly. Hermana Saenz woke me to ask how I was doing. I had been praying and left the need of a blessing from Elder Gallo (our zone leader).

That's all I wanted, but out of bad timing and circumstances, I had to head back to the hospital because my fever was reaching 106. The doctors controlled it and gave me more pills. Came back home and this fever was being impossible. I couldn't sweat. I couldn't walk by myself. I couldn't see. Everything hurt. I couldn't move my eyes much. I started to lose lots of energy real fast. It seemed like a one sided battle.

I kept praying. Praying because I knew that although no one nor any medicine could make this go away. I knew Heavenly Father could. I felt the need of a blessing again from Elder Gallo, even if I had already received 2 others.

I testify the power of the priesthood. When the Elders came back at 11:30pm to give me that blessing and I heard Elder Gallo say my name, I knew that it was my Heavenly Father speaking. I felt His love and power immediately and knew that we would calm the fever and make the pain go away. I testify that He did just that. I felt Heavenly Father present that very moment.

Faith is a power. As we exercise it, Heavenly Father works. I couldn't walk on my own or get to the chair for the blessing on my own. After that blessing, I cryed because Heavenly Father had lifted all that pain and fever. I stood up and walked on my own.

I know that this is Jesus Christ's Church. I know that God's POWER and AUTHORITY is on earth today. I know that this is TRUE because I have lived it and witnessed it. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love you all!

Hermana Fernandez

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