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Monday, June 23, 2014

LOVE this WORK and His GLORY

Such an eventful week really! Sorry in advance...might be a long one this week!

Monday. We had a Noche de Hogar with an investigator family. I shared the message on how The Family Proclamation is so necessary in these latter days. I could feel the spirit so abundantly, then I realized that what I was saying really wasn't coming from me but Heavenly Father was using me as His portavoz. I was so grateful at that moment because I really didn't know this family, it was my first time meeting them and I knew that Heavenly Father knew them better than anyone there did, so He let his message known.

Tuesday. I learned more personally how the adversary works to keep the Lord's children from following Him. Last week we met a married-by-law couple, which is super rare here. They are the sweetest people. Well we came back on Tuesday to share the Restoration with them because all of their concerns and questions were perfectly aligned with what the Lord's gospel teaches us. Well everything was going great and then the unexpected happened...

A man from their church came and sat down and suddenly I felt overwhelmed and a heavy burden type feeling came. Hermana Saenz and I quickly recognized it. As we continued, the man began to contend. Our investigators were silent and we felt the Lord's Spirit so abundantly. As we testified and defend what we knew was true, the Spirit continued coming over us. Until we were impressed to leave, Hermana Saenz testified and the man was silenced. Our investigators decided that they didn't want to mix "doctrine". We respected and left. As I walked away from that cita, I didn't feel disappointment, I was filled with peace. I knew that we had done all we come.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is restored and we have the blessing to have it in these lattter days. I don't only believe. I KNOW. 

Alma 26:16

Wednesday. We got to meet our new Mission President. His name is President Nuckols from San Diego, CA. He is an amazing person. He truly was chosen to guide us from our Heavenly Father. He inspired us to take our work here to the NEXT LEVEL. I am so excited for the continuing progress that I will be able to witness in the coming 7 months of my mission!

Thursday. We have an investigator who is really wonderful and has made me understand what it truly means to put God first. That is truly the most intelligent thing we could do. It means to truly put Him before ANYTHING and ANYONE.

Friday. I GOT TO GO BACK TO LAVAPIES! My first area! I got to see just about everyone again. I went to do an intercambio with the sisters there. It was a bittersweet experience and made me realize how time is flying right past me!

Saturday. Great time finding new people! and preparing a family to get SEALED in the TEMPLE!! SO EXCITING, we are planning a Temple Trip soon here in Bani!

Sunday. President Nuckols came to our branch! Then, I was the first missionary he has ever interviewed! That was cool. He shared with me Alma 17:2-3. It was truly what I needed. We must STUDY the scriptures, pray often and fast! And I testify that this is how we continually see the miracles of God before our very eyes!

The DR sends lots of love! It's starting to get hot over here! Heellooo SUMMER! I hope it's treating you well over there.

Love you all and I hope you have a great week! Hold fast and He will not let you swerve!


Hermana Fernandez

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