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Monday, July 28, 2014

a YEAR down...


I'm back to WORK! WOOHOO! I had an amazing week.

Call it CRAZY, but it's real. I hit the YEAR mark. Yeah I know?!

I remember like it was yesterday when I entered the MTC. Well this week we had transfers. Hermana Saenz left me only after 4 weeks =( and I recieved Hermana NODAL!!! She got here the same day I entered the Provo MTC, so we're from the same group, which is a good thing and bad thing. Good thing because she's awesome! Bad thing because that means I probably won't be here for long since we both finish our mission at the same time. 

It was so great to get back and really see the miracles of being patient and finding new amazing people to teach. I know more than ever that this gospel is true. I want to share a quote that a friend sent that I thought really went perfect with the week I had.

“Your testimony is something that you have today but you may not have it always.

“Testimony is as elusive as a moonbeam; it’s as fragile as an orchid; you have to recapture it every morning of your life. You have to hold on by study, by faith, and by prayer. …

“That which you possess today in testimony will not be yours tomorrow unless you do something about it. …

“… Testimony is either going to grow and grow to the brightness of certainty, or it is going to diminish to nothingness, depending upon what we do about it”

President Lee said it and I testify of the truthfulness of this. We are here on earth to progress and grow and that will only happen as we keep walking faithfully on the path Jesus Christ left for us. I live it and know this is real because I walk closer and closer each day, and thanks to your support each week, it strengthens my testimony to know that no matter where we are the gospel is true.

I also know that through our trials we can reflect on that testimony, we are constantly building, to be our crutch. Nuestro Padre Celestial no desampara sus hijos. Lo se con TODO mi corazon!

Lots of Love,
Hermana Fernandez

P.S. Attached pics of me and my new comp Hermana Nodal on PDAY today..we went to the beach!

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