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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First Week of Transfers

Buenas Mi Querida Familia y Amigos,

Ok well this week was interesting... My new comp arrived Tuesday and her name is Hermana Perez from Guatemala. She is full of energy, similar but different to my last companion, Hermana Ortiz. This week I showed Hermana Perez the area and we made plans for this transfer....UPLIFT the WARD and LEADERS...our MISSION and FOCUS for this transfer.

Monday Night we watched The Testaments with four families for Family Home Evening and they were all astonished that they now want to make a ward activity to watch it as a is quite great. Then Hermana Ortiz said her last was tough on her because she had been in this area for almost 6 months.

Wednesday through Saturday  we walked a ton and my comp is a LOT smaller than I am haha so my normal pace was her jogging pace...whoops but she now can keep up with me it´s AMAZING really. Her last area had everything close by because it was a pueblo and here everything...well our area is a lot more spread out and lots of hills.

It´s been super HOT this last week. I wake up in the middle of the night because it feels like a sana and our fan is broken..oh dear. haha

Hermana Guiterrez stayed and Hermana Reyes left...sad. Hermana Guiterrez is training Hermana Mieses and she´s Dominican. She is SUPER her seriously the best addition to our house and she cooks for us...dominican food. YAY it´s wonderful and she showed me how to make my own spaghetti sauce and it´s delicious.

This week I had to be a little more stonger because my comp has gone through bad companionships and is having a hard time letting go. The Lord sends us obstacles sometimes because we are to learn from them. So that we may see ourselves more like Our Heavenly Father sees us. So that we can strive to become more like the beings God knows we can be. REACH OUR HIGHEST POTENCIAL. God stretches me everyday to know myself a little more profoundly. Thank you Lord for loving me enough to break me Edown. STRETCH CONTINUOUSLY TO SEE YOUR STRENGTHS REACHING GREAT LENGTHS.

LOVE you ALL. Thank you for the support and prayers. Til next week.

With Much Love,

Hermana Fernandez

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