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Nat got called to serve as a sister missionary in the Santo Domingo West Dominican Republic Mission. Follow her as she journeys to serve the Lord in the Dominican Republic for 18 months.


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Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013


I cannot stop smiling and thinking how much Heavenly Father loves us IMMENSELY...for those of you who know me oh so know I always say this BUT IM NOT KIDDING..

The Prophet and Apostles only needed to say Hermana Fernandez when they were talking because it was EXACTLY what I needed! I testify that we can all feel that way because the Prophet and Apostles are God´s Mouth Piece. I KNOW IT! They counsel with the Lord and Heavenly Father uses them to speak to us in order for us to have Heavenly guidance for these latter days.

Mom and Dad. I love you and I know that Heavenly Father loves you too! Lots of the talks talked about families and I thought of you. I thought about how you`ve taught me who to be the young lady I am today. I would love to hear your thoughts on General Conference. God loves you. He is your Heavenly Father and He wants us to BE BETTER TOMORROW then you were today! THAT IS MY MOTTO as of late. Es nuestro DEBER llegar a ser perfectos, dijo Lorenzo Snow. ME ENCANTO ESO y QUERIA COMPARTIR ESO CON USTEDS!

Gisselle and Junior. I MISS YOU A TON! I hope you got to see General Conference because we can truly feel that no matter where we are in the world. Heavenly Father knows us all INDIVIDUALLY! Isn´t it incredible! Watch Elder Timothy J. Dyches talk from the Saturday Afternoon was really good. Gisselle, KEEP PRAYING so that you can always feel God´s love for you like you did when you were about to recieve your patriarchal blessing. I love you baby girl and I pray for you always! Junior, you have no idea how much I miss my ¨papa¨ you are my strength and I want to be the best example for you. I want to hear from you and you can ask me whatever questions. I have homework for you...could you remember your baptism and write me about what you remember and felt. I know that it will help you alot and ME TOO! Keep kicking butt in football! Mom and Dad are so proud of you both. ME TOO!!

Brandon. Baby Brandon, you probably can read now since Mom keeps telling me how smart you are getting...if not I´m sure mom will read it to you haha I show you who to everyone here...YOURE FAMOUS IN THE DR haha. I LOVE YOU a million chocolate chips! You inspire me to BECOME a BETTER EVERYTHING, so that one day I can have a smart little guy like you! 

My Best Friends, Team, Support and Strength. I don´t know how I´d do it if it weren´t for all of you who have me in your prayers and thoughts. I constantly feel the hand of our Savior in my life and I know that he has blessed me greatly by having you in my life. The inspiration you are in my life is more than you probably imagine. Thank you for the emails also. But I feel your love ever so greatly and I thank you so much for that.

NEVER forget the LOVE of your GOD above. NEVER LOSE the FAITH.


Have faith and patience in the Lord´s timing & purposes. YIELD to HIS WILL.

I know that this church is TRUE. I know that we have prophets, seers and revelators today that guide us through our everyday lives. I know that God lives and that He love you and me. I know that the BOOK OF MORMON is the WORD of GOD. I know this things with all my MIGHT, MIND, and STRENGTH. I know IT!

Love your missionary,
Hermana Fernandez


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