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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TIME is Something Missionaries Don´t Have

WOW!! TIME FLYS TOO FAST...a month and a half already!! 

Lots of growing occurred this week...

I have met the most wonderful people here and I love them so much! I love them more everyday, didn´t know that was possible...the mission is harder because of that exact same reason. Because I love them it hurts when they don´t commit to the small things in order for them to progress. I want the gospel for my investigators so bad, it hurts. I must remember constantly that as long as I do my part, I must allow them to use their agency and do as Christ did...perform miracles and invite His brothers and sisters to follow him.

I´ve smiled more than I ever have. I´ve cryed for people that I barely met a month ago. I´ve prayed harder than I ever imagined.

I got to know a woman yesterday in our ward whose truly a miracle, and coincidentally her name is Milagros (meaning miracles in English) Her story is incredible. She is a return missionary who married a returned missionary...and her husband betrayed her recently. She taught me a lot and helped me with the struggles that come with serving a mission. She is a successful woman raising her three kids alone. Although her trials have been harder than I could imagine, she is truly an inspiration and exactly like the woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31. She has taught me to serve all and especially those that hurt you because you do nothing but ruin your own happiness by holding on to what they did wrong with those that choose to do you wrong.

Inspirations and Miracles are happening everywhere! Look out for them...time was cut short...promise more details next week.

All is well on my end and thank so much for all the support!

Hermana Fernandez

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