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Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Farewell, I'll see you in 18 months!

I'm a missionary today!

When I thought my testimony of missionary work couldn't grow anymore than it already had, I had an amazing missionary experience as I was traveling to visit my family a week and a half ago.

I was getting scared, yet excited because it was finally starting to feel so real, the fact that I was serving a mission, a mission to the Dominican Republic.

My visiting teachers had given me a copy of a talk Elder Richard G. Scott gave called The Sustaining Power of Faith in Times of Uncertainty and Testing during the April 2003 General Conference. I decided to read it on my flight. As I read it, I noticed the man two seats away from looking over trying to see what I was reading, but I didn't think anything of it until I read...

"There are many around you who are confused and are seeking solutions to life’s perplexing problems. Share your testimony of truth and the power of faith with them. Help them understand how faith in God and in His teachings, restored in their fulness in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, can bless their lives now, in these turbulent times. Testify of the power of the Lord to bless their lives. Do it now. The Lord will help you. Your faith will guide you and sustain you. I know it will. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

I knew that it was now or never, but I got scared to say anything because this was a grown man, plus he had his headphones in. So, I decided to be sly and put the talk right side up on the seat between us and he leaned over to see what it was. I gained 20 seconds of courage and decided that I was over thinking it.

I started conversation and he took his earphones off and was super friendly! BINGO! It was easy conversation and I ended up telling about how I was about to serve a mission. He then opened up and told me about his background with the church, how his brothers served mission, but he fell away and had tried to come back, but never really made it back. Then he mentioned that he noticed what I was reading and asked me about it, so I summarized the talk for him and we had a great discussion on how the world and people attack mormons and how he felt that it was right. He then testified to me, probably without knowing, that he knew that the gospel was true, he just hadn't gone back.

I thought to myself...This is not happening right now. Oh my gosh yes it is!

I bore testimony about what I knew to be true. I knew that faith in Christ was the guide to true happiness. I gave Randy the copy of that talk. He told me he'd read it on his next flight...GOLDEN!

A moment later he started to read the talk, I felt the spirit so strongly then. As we were about to land, he had finished reading it. He looked out the window and I knew that the spirit had touched his heart. I gave him a moment and then asked what he thought and he told me that it was good as he choked back. I bore testimony and I had to get off the plane and Randy gave me the greatest response without words. He thanked me for sharing that message with him through the look he gave me and I couldn't have asked for anything more than that experience and opportunity Heavenly Father allowed me to have.

Missionary work is real and powerful. It's the greatest work that we get to participate in throughout our lives. I know this gospel is true and I can't wait to bear testimony of it to the people of Dominican Republic.

Thank you all for all the support and love I've been given!


Hermana Fernandez

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